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Home Device Classic


This is our best selling product. DPL Home Hair Removal device. DPL stands for Delicate Pulsed Light which is a hybrid of IPL and our in clinic Laser made by the same manufacturer as our medical grade machines use din...

Laser Balm


This Laser Balm was developed for us by our Laser Manufacturer. It should be used before and after use of our Home Device as well as after each laser session for 2-3 days.The Balm reduces swelling and downtime of laser...

HA 100 (Pure Hyaluronic Acid) HA 100 (Pure Hyaluronic Acid)

HA 100 (Pure Hyaluronic Acid)

£126.00 £74.00

H Y A L U R O N I C acid is a Powerful Humectant.When used in skincare products like creams and serums, hyaluronic acid brings hydration to the surface of your skin. Our UK Medispa HA100 is a pure...

Salicylic Serum


H A V E you put our Salicylic acid super serum to the test yet? It’s a total must have for any skincare aficionado, a highly concentrated serum that’s the perfect facial exfoliator. It penetrates deep into the skin’s pores,...